Christ-Pointe Ministries


Christ-Pointe Ministries is the evangelistic outreach ministry of Dr. Blake Carroll. Since its founding in 2005, Christ-Pointe Ministries has shared Dr. Carroll's messages of hope and encouragement with countless souls across this land in a variety of ways. Hundreds have come to Christ as a result, and the number continues to grow.

The name of the ministry exemplifies its mission: pointing people to Christ from every walk of life. Lives have been radically changed, hearts mended, and souls restored—all through the Holy Spirit's power demonstrated through Carroll's dynamic proclamation of God's Word. It is indeed a ministry for the twenty-first century.

Christ-Pointe Ministries is committed to making Jesus known to those who have never heard His name. We minister to those who truly thirst after God's truth and love, and we consistently see the impact His amazing grace can have on a life. When His love breaks through troubled hearts, believers are empowered to stand courageous while continuing to mature in their walk of faith.

Dr. Carroll's driving passion remains to reach the lost, the hurting, and the broken with the good news of Jesus Christ. His bold yet practical preaching delivers life-changing truth in a way that those who hear its words can eagerly apply them to the problems and concerns they face in their everyday lives.

Christ-Pointe Ministries was established to inspire, illuminate, and impact the world with the never-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. We are forever committed to that mission.