Blake's Principles

I will preach, pray, and visit, depending on the Lord to provide the wisdom and ability to serve with excellence. I will trust in Him alone to provide whatever increase He pleases. I assure you there will be no pressurized invitations. They will be given clearly, concisely, and graciously.

I will exert no pressure concerning the offering. I believe that the earnest pastor who invites a vocational evangelist will recognize the unique needs of this calling and will lead the church to give an admirable offering. If the Holy Spirit has prompted you to invite me, He will lead you to know what I need to continue in this ministry. I will neither request the names of your people for a mailing list nor contact them asking for financial assistance after the meeting concludes.

My heart's desire is to assist you as a pastor. The five years I spent in the pastorate help me understand the burdens, as well as the blessings, of this calling. I will respect and applaud your ministry before your church.

I will preach those messages that the Holy Spirit impresses upon my heart. As an evangelist, I have learned that the Lord often gives me the same message for multiple churches. When He does this, I believe these are messages for "the" church, not just "a" church. I always prayerfully seek God for the message He wants preached in each location. I will always bring messages in love, never intimidation.

I am coming as your guest and ask God to always give me the heart of a servant. I want to help you in any way I can.


Adapted from Evangelist Junior Hill